On my job in Wonderland Engine Company

My first experience in team work and remote working.


As a woker in smartworking, I finally got a full year of experience. And here I show you some aspect where I found truly improved my life. A special thanks to Jonathan Hale for this experience.

  • How I met Wonderland Engine GmbH
  • How was the interview with Jonathan Hale
  • Some difficulties along the route

How I met Wonderland Engine GmbH

After an exciting September in 2021 in the world of cryptocurrencies, I finally had enough funds to confidently purchase my second VR headset.

Acquiring the Quest 2 from Facebook was a truly immersive experience. Previously, I had dabbled with the first VR headset from PlayStation, but it mostly served as a decorative piece near my PlayStation for years.

On the default browser, I discovered daily WebXR experiences recommended by Facebook, and for several months, I found myself immersed in Wonderland Engine every single day.

How was the interview with Jonathan Hale

As a first step, I had the opportunity to connect with Jonathan through a Skype call.

During our conversation, I shared my interests and experiences, showcasing some of the code I had written in previous years. I was immediately struck by Jonathan's extensive knowledge of coding, but what truly impressed me was his open-minded approach to his field and his keen market insights.

Coming from a background in marketing, I've always valued this perspective, and I deeply respect how he and his team have built the fascinating world of Wonderland Engine.

Some troubles along the route

Since high school, I've been learning programming through hands-on experience. I don't have a formal education in this field, but I've learned by doing.

Joining Wonderland has exposed me to numerous new technologies, from Docker to improving my use of Git for team collaboration. Along this journey, we've also switched several technologies, which, in effect, temporarily disoriented me in the project. However, this experience is also equipping me with a crucial skill—proactivity (something I was lacking, in fact).

By exploring different paths, I finally had the opportunity to learn CI/CD, observe how more experienced programmers work, and understand their methodologies. I still have a lot to improve and much room for growth, but objectively, I also have much to be grateful for because I've moved from a stagnant situation that existed in my previous company.

Today, I feel more liberated, and after initially being overwhelmed by unfamiliar technologies, I sense that I'm regaining control.

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