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How this website is made

A little tutorial to discover what there is behind this website

How this website is made


To follow this little story I will have to going deep in some arguments. But I will try to stay easy long the way. First we have to separate two concepts:

  • Frontend
  • Backend

Commonly the technologies are differents, but in the last decade a lot of things changed.


First, what does it means frontend? Frontend is the code that works on your client/browser, building graphics, validation, and merging all contents in a layout of the page you visit. In this page I have some codes to manage the navigation bar, some codes to parallax and displays main image after navbar, and finally the content that you're reading right now. All these technologies are:

  • HTML (Hyper Text Meta Language)
  • CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)
  • JavaScript (it's not Java, nor Flash)


On the other hand we have all technologies that works in background and that make calculations. An example is the most classic form (the contact page), where you, from frontend code write the form (email, fullname and message) and then you send it to the server. What there is in background it is a code that work on server, saves the data sent and send an email to the admin. These technologies are:

  • Php
  • Java
  • Go
  • Python
  • JavaScript again...
  • There are so many

This code does not visible from frontend (the browser), it works on a computer always online that host the code. It is clear that the most common websites (little companies) are hosted in a single computer/server (a main server could contains thousand of websites). Why not to call the most famous open source project like WordPress? Because it's an old way to do website in 2020. The WordPress's problem it is safety and the management in the right way. By the way, there are a lot of beautiful new web technologies born in these years that today a safe way to make a website it is "stay static".

About this website

This website is made by JavaScript (NodeJS, ReactJS and NextJS) and others frontend frameworks and libraries. This page is served by a Blockchain project named Blockstacks (in deep a DApp^1 called Runkod).

about the Author
Giorgio Tedesco

Giorgio Tedesco

Just a web developer

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There is a why my photo is low res. I'm working in a little web game!

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