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about Giorgio Tedesco

just a web developer

Giorgio Tedesco just a web developer

Let me talk about my hobbies and skills.

Giorgio Tedesco

There is a reason for low res (I'm working in a little web game)!

I'm a passionate web developer with a lot of hobbies in different fields.
I discovered, at first, CG3D and Special Fx; then, at college time, I started to code (aka scripting), specially in HTML, JS and CSS.

At university as a self thaught I improved skills on server side with PHP, APACHE and MYSQL in a linux enviroment.

Today I'm working with the modern web technologies like ReactJs, NextJs, but also a bit of Solidity, Web3 integration and cryptocurrency's stack.

Not less important but I had got also some experiences with AI (ML in the python enviroment) and Google Colab (just because I currently have not a good Nvidia GPU).

My CV / Resumé